Monday, May 10, 2010

A weekend of firsts - and not-me's

This past weekend was a weekend of firsts in a number of ways. Not only was it my first mothers day (ok, my first non-pregnant mothers' day) but it was also the first Sunday Levi went to the walker's room at church, the first time we visited the Lincoln Childrens' Museum, the first time I went to the movie theater - alone, and the first time I was able to eat copious amounts of soy-sauce-smothered Chinese food with nary a negative result from my still-nursing formerly-soy-intolerant infant.

I'm sure there were some firsts I missed. But you get the point.

So first, about that Museum. WOW! It's a kids' paradise. There are rooms all over full of toys (that you don't have to put away!!) and different interactive activity zones. Levi, although rationally too young to enjoy such a museum, loved toddling around and climbing on different surfaces. Silly mommy forgot the camera. (So sorry folks), but let me assure you, it was a blast. I think his favorite room was the shadow wall room. When you make a shadow on the wall all the projected lights bounce around it as though it's a barrier. Very fun. He also enjoyed the water-play area where he could splash around and soak himself.Then there's mothers day. Oh Levi and daddy, why are you so good to me? On a friend's suggestion we decided to go see the movie "Babies" (if you want to have a baby, don't see this movie, it will only make you want a baby more. incredible). After a short morning nap, Levi's afternoon nap stretched on and I ended up just leaving on my own because I didn't want to be late. I wondered if it would be weird watching a move at a theater all alone, but man, the peace was pure bliss.
After the movie I met the boys at China Buffet (WAY better mongolian BBQ than HuHot) where they presented me with a lovely bouquet of flowers, a half pound of my favorite coffee from the Mill, and a new mug to enjoy it in. Sneaky boys. There I thoroughly enjoyed all-things-soy-sauce (from which I've been abstaining for the better part of 11 months) with no ill effects from the little one (yet). We went home to skype with grandma & GE and show them Levi's new bi-pedal skills before putting the little one to bed.

Now - for the Not-me's (or shall we re-name this one Not-My-Child)

It was not my child who woke up at 4:45 on mothers' day morning. He wouldn't do that, he knows his dates. It was also not my child who slept in until 7:00 this morning. hmm... maybe his calendar's a day off...

I did not attempt to feed my child a pickle this weekend fully expecting him to make an awful face and spit said pickle out. He did NOT show me up by enjoying said pickle and clamoring for more.

Speaking of feeding - I did not try to feed my child rice-yogurt (YUCK) nor hemp milk (double YUCK), nor Quinoa. What kind of hippie do you think I am? He did NOT enjoy them all, much to my surprise.

Lastly, I did NOT thoughtlessly enjoy both dairy and soy with little regard for the potentially negetive effects they might have on my (formerly) MSPI-infant. Needless to say, made obvious by the fact that I am not currently rocking a pained 11-mo.-old, we are NOT in the clear.

Have a great week everyone, enjoy the mid-west rains.
- Melissa

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