Sunday, May 23, 2010

Today I will...

...have nursed a baby in the very early morning hours because, even though he shouldn't be waking up at 4am to nurse, I wasn't about to let him fully awaken and assume that it was time to arise and shine. No sir. Today is Sunday and I want more sleep than that. This will, I assure you, bite me in the behind tomorrow morning when my son (smarty that he is) awakens at 4am again for a snack.

...shave my legs. both of them. during the same shower. wow.

...send my husband off on a bike ride to prepare for the duathalon he'll be completing in July

...wash diapers, wash whites, wash darks, wash dishes, and probably wash a baby's bottom more than a few times.

...make delightful hummus for a delightful birthday party this afternoon. A delightful birthday party for 5 of my favorite babies - including my very own. Wonderful mommies who I met at our local breastfeeding support center will also be there, cheering on their now one-year-olds as they splash in the pool and enjoy our 90 degree heat.

...pray that my babe goes down for his afternoon nap without a complaint, as that was not the case yesterday, nor was it the case this morning. Granged, he still slept for nearly two hours, but still. I thought we were past the "I don't wanna nap" phase. Apparently this is a reoccuring phase - I should have expected that.

...mop. hopefully. no promises.

...skip church. If you know us, you know we very rarely skip church (because we're VERY holy, and almost PERFECT, and we know, out right, that you have to go to church 99% of all Sundays to go to heaven. We also know that what I just said is complete bunk, and that what Christ calls us to is a living relationship with him, not a guilt party where we all try to out-perform one another. ahem. but I digress)

...rock the sunshine wearing shorts I wore two years pre-pregnancy. You don't have to tell me they look different, I know that. I gave birth, ok?

... feed my child scrambled eggs, which my pediatrician told me to wait on because they're "extremely allergenic and lots of doctors would tell you to wait until age two". I'm a rebel. And he like them. And I've been having SIGNIFICANT trouble getting him to eat lately because he will no longer let me spoon-feed him high-calorie mush involving lots of protein and cold-pressed oils. My independent child has decided to bat at anything I *attempt* to put into his mouth in favor of feeding himself what he so chooses. I do not approve of his complete lack of weight-gain in the past month since he learned to walk, but unless anyone has any better ideas, I'm rather stuck.

...finally empty the suitcase we took to Kansas for Jared's wedding at the BEGINNING of the month. Hey, don't judge. I put it into the guest room and forgot about it until I realized I was out of clean clothes.

...Begin, yes only begin, to contemplate how the last year (our first as parents of a womb-free child) has changed us. Me, specifically. This year has been life-altering like no other. I have so many words and so many feelings I'm hesitant to start writing for fear I'll never stop.

... write a blog posting in which I completely over use the dash key. really. Take a look. I'm dash-crazy. It's dash-tastic! And yes, I'm completely aware that some of them are un-dash-necessary, but I'm a little fixated on punctuation right now.
you see -

punctuation is what makes this what makes blogs interesting to read.

It gives them a voice.

in my opinion - anyway.

And that is what I will do today - with these two by my side. Lucky me.

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shhyouaretired said...

Dang! We went to the service last night and afterward we were all standing around chatting about how it was eerily similar to the discussion we had on Friday night. You *MUST* listen to the podcast when it comes out. You simply must. That's all!