Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I shouldn't be blogging

... really, I don't have the time today
and honestly, "short on time" is the way I like to run things around here, so that's no problem with me.

No, today I have neither the time nor the faculties to write a long, involved, thoughtful post about something important. Instead I'll leave you with this.
Years ago, as many of you know, I managed a medium-sized restaurant, a large catering business, and an equally large fraternity meal service. It was challenging to say the least - loads of fun, and tearfully frustrating all at the same time. So it shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone that I volunteered to prepare a number of catered meals for team-meetings at our local church here in Lincoln. The team I cook for meets once a month and, typically, there are only 12 of them. I have a blast.

So yesterday I get a call from the church wondering if I can pull something together last minute and prepare a luncheon for this Thursday (which was, at the time, two days away) "SURE!" I said. After all, I love anything having to do with food prep. "So, how many," I asked...

"thirty?" I muttered


Now, to put things into perspective, I've cooked for over 1,000 before, plenty of times. I can wrap my head around any number of guests... provided I have at my disposal a commercial kitchen, a staff of at least 10, a double-wide convection oven, jacketed steam kettle, and fryer set-up. Oh yeah, and a walk-in cooler/freezer combo. I have none of those things. None.

So here I go, preparing a meal for 30 with one fridge, two skillets, and any number of nylon cooking utensils. The labor is easy, it's the cooking/storing space that's tricky.

The menu: nah. I'll make you wait until tomorrow for that. Suffice it to say I cooked over 12lbs of ground beef this morning. Don't know what twelve lbs looks like? Well, This is half of it:

Cheers, it's back up to the kitchen I go.
oh yeah, did I mention I have a baby? Hmm, good thing he's napping well today!


shhyouaretired said...

You know you're always welcome to borrow any of our kitchen stuff (provided it's not already in use)!

Brianna said...

Hope all goes well and your babe feels better soon.