Thursday, May 20, 2010

Notes from the Infirmary

Not that all of us are sick. In fact, only one of us is still sick.

Fortunately, that one is not Levi. Unfortunately, it's me.

But, Praise Jesus, yesterday it all peaked and now we're on the downhill slope. Wwwhhheeeww!
I'm still not sure if what I had/have is viral or allergen related, but whatever it is/was, it responded well to childrens' benedryl (it was all we had, and I was borderlione miserable, can you blame me?).
Today I'm making a meal for another church meeting. Their lunch will include Italian Meatball sandwiches, Parmesan garlic potato chips with black pepper, baby carrots and ranch dip, and butterscotch cream cheese brownies. YUM! wish there was some extra this time around but "no-can-doosville-babydoll" (quick, name that sitcom!) I'll head out here within an hour and a half to make my delivery and then the day is more or less empty, save a trip to walmart.

This morning I took some excellent video of Levi walking (will post to FB tonight). I know, I know, yesterday's news. But for those of you way off on the West coast it may be fun to see how far he's come in just three weeks. Suffice it to say this boy doesn't crawl anymore - unless he has to in order to get under something, or unless he's very very tired. Life, as we know it, has changed (as per many of your warnings)

In other news (I love that phrase, I've recently resurected it back into my common vocabulary. Be prepared to see it frequently until I over-use it and somebody kindly lets me know) Levi and I will be heading back to Washington in August, from the 10th to the 24th. Just bought our tickets. My brother is getting married to a wonderful gal whom we've come to know and love over the years, and (although they're getting married in Jamaica) their reception will be at my mom and Eric's house. Eric is my step-dad, and my brother Bryan's father, but you all knew that, right? It's hard to keep track of who reads this - for all I know there are people in far away lands keeping tabs on my boring life. So for THOSE people I simply must add some context now and again.
As we come to the end of the week I must point out that my baby - my little boy - will be one year old in 8 days. To celebrate not only are we having a party for him the day after his birthday (Saturday, the 29th from 5-7, open house style, all are invited), but a bunch of friends whose babies were all born in May of 2009 are throwing a group party which Levi is also a part of. It will be this coming Saturday at St. Marks. Although I CAN'T BELIEVE he's already a year old, all the developing he's been busy doing - walking, signing new words, gesturing etc - have gradually prepared me for the excitement of his big day.

On a completely seperate note, I'm beyond astonished that we made it this far as a nursing team. If you would have asked me when he wasm say, eight weeks old how long I thought he'd nurse, I probably would have told you that my goal was to nurse him to 12 weeks. That came and went, as did my 6 month goal, my 9 month goal, and now here comes my 12 month goal. How long will he nurse? got me. I'm content to let him as long as he likes - it was a LONG road after all.

That's enough babbling for now. If you're lucky I'll actually post something somewhat organized and coherent before the week is out.

If you're lucky.
oh, and yes, he's still infatuated with that salad spinner. crazy.
- Melissa


fresitamariana said...

What words does Levi sign and when did you start with him? I'm planning on doing signing with Ransom and it's always encouraging to hear that other people are successfully doing it!

Melissa K. said...

Right now Levi consistently signs "more", "all done", and "hat". On occasion he will also sign "daddy". It took a LOT of repeating and consistency to get him to sign but I'd say our best tool was taking his hands and making a sign and then responding to that sign. For instance, making him sign "more" and then praising him and giving him more.
I'd say we started signing with him around 3 months. Part of that though is because Jonathan and I both sign and use sign language to communicate with each other, so it was almost second nature. One of Jonathan's brothers is deaf, and Jonathan himself only hears out of one ear. We were ultimately open to the possibility that Levi could have had hearing trouble also.

Melissa K. said...

oh, and I really should add that Levi didn't actually make any signs on his own until, say, a month ago. Friends of his started as early as 6 months, but I began to wonder if my son would ever catch on! It's helpful now though in understanding what he wants.