Friday, May 14, 2010

I used to hate pumping

and it turns out, I still do.

Poor Levi.
He has "hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease". More on that in a minute

He doesn't want to nurse because his mouth hurts
he doesn't want to sleep because his mouth hurts
He doesn't want to play because his mouth hurts.

I can't do much about the last two except offer him Motrin, but that first one... oh that first one.
I have a responsibility, you see. So here I will sit and pump pump pump.

Why? well, you probably already know this, but nursing is a supply and demand relationship.
You will produce what they demand. If they stop demanding you will stop producing.
Right now Levi is not demanding, but since I know he will want that milk to still be there when this virus is gone, I have to demand for him in the mean time.

Hand Foot & Mouth Disease is common and harmless. It's a virus, like the common cold. It causes blisters in the back of the mouth (a very sore throat) and occasionally also blisters on the hands and feet. The ones in the mouth are the problem - my babe doesn't want anything near his mouth unless it's cold.

His fever (which never got above 101.7) has been gone since yesterday mid-morning, but the blisters can last up to a week.

All together now:

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