Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A BIG announcement in a small package

So, Maybe you guessed by the title, or maybe we told you, or maybe someone else told you, but the rumors are true... We are expecting a baby! Due in late May, our little tike is now only the size of a fig, but will quickly grow to the size of a pumpkin. As I so love reading everyone else's baby blogs, I'll try to keep this one updated as much as I can, for now though, I'll leave you all with a couple precious photos:

Well, here it is. Baby Hnosko's very first photo. You see those little red x's there? baby is just between them, only the size of a grain of rice. The small circle below baby is it's yoke salk, and the larger dark circle is it's gestational sack. This ultrasound was conducted at only 6 weeks, so baby is hardly visible but there was a definate flicker of a heartbeat. What an amazing thing to see! Praise God who has made ALL things!

Just so you don't think you're the last to know, we decided not to tell anyone about our big surprise until our 10 week ultrasound. That was just last night (11/3) and we've received plenty more pictures to share! I'll put just two below.
So, the cat is out of the bag now and May 28th is our due date!

We'll find out the sex in early January and we'll certainly share the news with everyone. Until then I'll try to update frequently and inform you all of my (very random) food cravings and (even more prominent) food aversions, although morning sickness is (very thankfully) beginning to wear off.

Please keep our growing family in your prayers!
- Melissa (& Jonathan)