Tuesday, September 25, 2012


If you are one of my many friends with kids (do I even have friends that follow this blog that don't have, or regularly interact with, kids?) then you probably know what "packets", as we call them in this house, are. Need a memory jogger? here.

That is my daughter, at 8 months old, feeding herself with a packet.Also could a pouch. or a squeezie.

I could easily dig up for you a bunch of pictures of my son doing this same thing, but for the sake of a prime example, I'll share this one (Levi, 20 months):

But the bottom line is, while these things are AWESOME, and convenient, they're also expensive. As in, when on super-duper sale, I might be able to get them for a buck each. EACH. hmph...

So, imagine my shock and awe when I found this lovely device. I saved a whole $25 of my monthly spending money (because, as you may remember, we're a cash-only family) and I purchased this brand spankin' new Infantino product:

Just you wait for the pictures that will follow once I get my wits about me. Just you wait.
this is GENIUS!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to school 2012!

This is the first of many more back-to-school posts, I’m sure. If I wait much longer to chronicle what you’re up to right now I’ll forget all the important things, So here we go!

Levi, you turned 3 just a few short months ago, and just last week I sent you off to your first day of preschool. You’re going three mornings a week. It’s quite a change for you, but so far you seem to enjoy the routine aspect, and (as always) you love playing with new friends and teachers. You aren’t shy, or clingy in the least. You have a great sense of self-confidence.

Your favorite color is red and it’s been your favorite for a year or so now. Your best friend (of course) is Teague, and you’ll make up almost any excuse to go over and play with him. You two attend preschool together. You tell me you want to be a fire fighter when you grow up, another desire that hasn’t changed for at least a year. You also want to be a daddy, and a superhero.

You know your alphabet, and you can properly identify your letters. Numbers, on the other hand, are still quite difficult for you, as is the sound made by the letter  “S”, but only when it precedes a consonant. You usually ignore the letter all together when unless it precedes a vowel. You’re beginning to identify simple words, like your name, and your sister’s name, but I stress “beginning”. My favorite word that you say right now is “their-chother”. I think it’s so cool how your language acquisition has lead you to make up words that your little 3-year-old brain assumes follow the rules of grammar. So cute! I also love how you have begun using adult idioms and figures of speech. It is not uncommon for you, when explaining an event at school, to use the phrase “we were going back and fourth…”. It’s funny to hear my words come out of your mouth. You also like the phrase, “well, actually…”

Your memory is like a steel trap. You can correctly tell anyone who asks what your full name is. Spelling and all (ok, you can almost correctly spell your last name) and your birthdate. You’ve recently memorized your address, although it’s a bit sketchy. We’ve also been memorizing simple scriptures as a family and you’re doing great! As long as we do the hand motions, you’re great with 1 John 4:8, and the first half of John 3:16. In the coming months we’ll be memorizing A good chunk of Luke 2 as a family. Can’t wait!

You’re still a tall drink of water, almost 39 inches. You weigh about 36lbs. We think you’ll be tall and lean like your daddy. You’re almost into a 4T, and a size 9 shoe. You’ve been potty trained now for about a year, and night-trained for about two months. You typically go to bed around 8, and wake up around 6:30. You’re a great sleeper, and like your parents, a total morning person. Breakfast is your favorite meal, by far. Aside from breakfast foods, your favorites include PBJ’s, cheese, yogurt, hot dogs, mac and cheese,  grapes, apples, cantaloupe, bananas, tomatoes, applesauce, and virtually anything else in the fruit category.
Some of your favorite activities include coloring & painting, reading, RUNNING up and down the hallway, making your sister laugh, running around outside, imitating any chore or task mommy & daddy do, and pretending; giving voices to all your toys. It is not uncommon for me to find you in your room re-enacting a scene from earlier in our day with a few of your toys. It serves as another reminder to me that you watch, and listen to me, even when I don’t think you’re paying any attention. Another great reason to be mindful of what I say to you.

Levi, we love you so very much – I love watching you grow and learn. What fun it will be to watch you over this year and see what the Lord has in store for your little life.