Tuesday, September 25, 2012


If you are one of my many friends with kids (do I even have friends that follow this blog that don't have, or regularly interact with, kids?) then you probably know what "packets", as we call them in this house, are. Need a memory jogger? here.

That is my daughter, at 8 months old, feeding herself with a packet.Also could a pouch. or a squeezie.

I could easily dig up for you a bunch of pictures of my son doing this same thing, but for the sake of a prime example, I'll share this one (Levi, 20 months):

But the bottom line is, while these things are AWESOME, and convenient, they're also expensive. As in, when on super-duper sale, I might be able to get them for a buck each. EACH. hmph...

So, imagine my shock and awe when I found this lovely device. I saved a whole $25 of my monthly spending money (because, as you may remember, we're a cash-only family) and I purchased this brand spankin' new Infantino product:

Just you wait for the pictures that will follow once I get my wits about me. Just you wait.
this is GENIUS!


Molly said...

Ok, What is that called!? I want one too! I love those packets, but rarely can bring myself to pay for them! They'd be GREAT for smoothies too! :) Let me know how it works!!

Kim said...

AH!!! this is going on the "must buy for #2" list!!!! what kind of mouth piece do these things use? and how did you find this?

Melissa K. said...

Molly, It's called the "Infantino Squeeze station". For at least two years I've been searching for some way to "make" my own packets - I was certain my answer would come in the form of some re-usable squeeze bottle (a few of which I've come across, but they don't look workable yet). But this is even better! I know I'll have to keep buying the little packages, but they're $16 for 50 of them. Infantino is also releasing a re-usable product, but judging from the test reviews I wouldn't buy it. Since reusable/washable bottles can't be vacuum sealed, you have to keep shaking the food to the tip of it. not workable for a baby, or a toddler for that matter.

Kim, the mouth piece is identical to all the others we buy. My package should arrive thursday or Friday and you're welcome to come over and give it a maiden voyage with me. I have a bunch of babyfood I've already made (that my sweet Cora girl won't take off a spoon anymore because she's an adamant do-it-yourselfer) that I plan to fill the packets with.

I was looking through pinterest when I found a pin to this product on Infantino's site. They JUST released it this month. It was pure luck that I found it to begin with.