Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some new pics!

I finally got around to taking some new pictures and, wow, have I changed. I feel a lot bigger than I look, trust me. Somewhat surprisingly, the growing part has been a lot of fun. Maybe the "puffy face" doesn't thrill me, but knowing it's primarily water retention is helpful. This, too, shall pass, and all those kicks and hiccups, rolls and nudges, more than make up for the uncomfortable feelings. Anyway, the pictures:
This is one we took at 30 weeksThis is a progression - 14 weeks to 30 weeksThis is from the shower the ladies at my home church in Shoreline WA threw for us
And this is my dear man. The baby shower had a Dairy Farm theme (it was adorable!) so we had to capture a shot of him holding the entryway sign. What fun!
Did I mention I'm feeling hiccup now? At first it was like a tiny tic-tic-tic in my groin, but now it's a full fleged bump-bump-bump. Amazing it can get so much stronger in so little time. Levi's growth amazes me also. Even since we had our baby shower in early March his movements have become stronger. I've even been woken up from a dead sleep by his rolls and jabs. ok, admittedly, I wake up many many times a night, but usually not because he's moving. Usually I wake up because I have to move and (unlike my pre-pregnancy body) I can't move this belly around without being fully awake.
So, at 31 weeks I have very few complaints about this whole process. Sure, I get a lot less sleep, I'm in the bathroom a lot, and I do get unreasonably crabby at times, but I'll take those things any day over the bed-rest that some are being relegated to. We are so blessed both to be enjoying a normal pregnancy, and to be expecting a healthy little one. Thank you for all your prayers!