Friday, May 28, 2010

Hard to Believe

Has it really been a year since we were here?

Hard to believe.
In that year you've changed so much, it's difficult to remember all the milestones we've passed

In size, you've skyrocketed from your lowest 6lbs 13oz to a whopping 23lbs. Daddy reminds me that if you were to keep growing at the rate you did inutero, you'd be the mass of the earth by your 21st birthday. e-gads!

Emotionally you've progressed from screaming your head off at every nod, to crying only when the situation calls for it. You have taught us what your cries mean, when we need to let you have them, and when we need to immediately respond.

Developmentally - wow - you've changed from a little curled up frog to a walking, babbling, toddler. A year ago you couldn't control your own limbs, they'd flail about, whacking you in the face. Now you place small objects in their holes, you feed yourself 3 meals and 2 snacks, (although mommy tries to spoon feed you, you won't have it anymore), and you sign "all done", "more", and "hat" consistently.

Cognitively you understand WAY more than we think you do. You obey simple commands ("bring that to mommy please") and fully understand the meaning of the word "NO". You know what I mean when I say "time to change your diaper", and "time to eat". You are fascinated with how things work, especially cabinets, doors, book-flaps, drawers, the dishwasher, and the TV remote (you've successfully turned on said TV twice - not sure how I feel about that).

Socially your interactions with others are astoundingly different. A year ago you were aware of no one but yourself. Slowly you figured out who I was, then your daddy, and now you actually "play" with other babies your age. You get ticked off when they take your toys, you give and take, you interact in ways I never imagined a one year old interacting. The world is your oyster.

Levi, you are a little ball of energy; a mobile, independent toddler with a mountain of curiosity. As we watch you grow we pray continually not only for your eventual choice to follow Christ, but also for your development into a man of integrity, of wisdom, and of confidence.

...all those things I saw in your daddy when I married him four years, four months, and 29 days ago.
We love our Heavenly Father
We love each other
and Levi, we love YOU!

Happy Birthday my son, Happy First Birthday!

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