Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Walking... already?

Indeed. And I have the video to prove it (although it took over a week and quite a few tries to capture it) I can't figure out how to turn this video so it's upright, but I posted the upright one on my facebook page if you'd like to view it without hurting your neck :)

I keep trying to tell myself this isn't really happening but Levi's growing up right before my eyes. In addition to walking 7-10 steps at a time, here are some other things he's been doing lately
  • cruising every piece of furniture, of course
  • pushing things around the house - tall and short things
  • pulling everything out of any drawer he can find and tossing it behind it
  • waving
  • pointing
  • saying da-da (and understanding what it means)
  • taking two naps daily, each at least an hour, sometimes a tad bit longer
  • collecting all the particulate matter from our wood floors on his feet, hands, & knees (I simply can't sweep enough)
  • eating big kid foods like pancakes, crackers, cereal bars, grapes, & pasta all by himself
  • busily growing a thick head of hair, but only in the back. The top remains mostly bald
  • discovering his ears. Sometimes he's so fascinated with them he doesn't want to let go of them in order to crawl. This produces either a fall, or a one handed crawl. strange.
  • "reading" his books
  • snuggling into mommy's shoulder when he's unsure of a situation (he's never done this before)
  • playing for outrageous periods of time with the big-kid toy we got for him at the take-2 consignment sale ($25!!) see below
  • weighing in at 22lbs and 31". still quite long and lean. currently in the 50th% for weight and the 90-95th for length.
  • tossing and rolling balls to us, waiting for them to be rolled back
  • talking a blue streak of babble. I'm sure a lot of it is words I just don't understand. He's trying anyhow, have to give him credit for that!
  • Many more things that I'll kick myself later for forgetting to post
That big-kid toy. Wow. We first figured out he liked these at mommy's group on Wednesdays & Fridays. Instead of playing in the circle with the babies his age he'd be off in the corner with this toy, opening and closing all the doors, putting things in and taking them back out again. He was having so much fun I simply couldn't resist finding him one of his own. As luck would have it he enjoys his just as much as he relishes time with the one at play group.

And to those of you wondering why I bought a kitchen for a little boy, let me direct you to the Food network, home of our personal favorite Alton Brown (master culinologist), Emeril, Bobby Flay, and many other highly successful male chefs. This kid's going to be a wiz, and I do believe the kitchen will be a favorite location of his. Fitting, I spend gobs of time there too!

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