Monday, May 24, 2010

A bed of roses

My boy
This gorgeous boy
This nearly one-year old
has to have a procedure done at the hospital tomorrow.
and he doesn't even know it

I'm not thrilled, needless to say.
I'm a bundle of nerves and jitters

Because of a UTI he had early this month they have to catheterize him, fill his bladder, and make sure that he isn't "refluxing" urine back into his kidneys. Apparently it's very rare for boys his age to have UTI's, and the most common cause is something "mechanical".
I know this is going to be rough.
I don't want to see him strapped down, or crying, or catheterized.
Prayers for the two of us around 2:15 tomorrow would be much appreciated.

Parenthood was supposed to be a bed of roses - wasn't it?

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