Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yes, Yes... I know

It's been WAY too long.You needn't remind me, I'm well aware.who - might I ask - knew that having a baby - one tiny little baby - could change your world so much?
Seriously people.

Anyway. Things in the Hnosko household are largely, well, wonderful to put it lightly. After a VERY rough first five months (oh yes, I did just say five) we emerged from Levi's colicky newborn phase victorious, and with just a few bits of knowlege we hadn't had before. First: Breastfed babies need to be fed "on demand". This means that, no matter how much you like having a schedule, no matter how linear, and no matter how desiring of control you are, if you want to bring in an ample milk supply, and you want a moderately peaceful household you should probably just feed your baby when he requests food. Whew. Took me a while to get that.
: Babies Cry. Sometimes they cry for a reason. Other times they just cry. Some cry more than others. Mothers who cannot soothe their babies can, at times, feel worthless (my case in point). but rest assured, all babies are inconsolable at some point and, really, it isn't your fault.

: (personal opinion alert!) "colic" is a word that's thrown around a lot. MANY well meaning people told us our baby was probably "colicky". I used the phrase myself from time to time. What we came to learn was that our baby had an intolerance to boy dairy and soy proteins... soooo, when mommy ate wonderful goodies like cheese, and sour cream, and tofu, and milk chocolate, etc etc. baby would get the world's worst tummy ache. We ironed this out somewhere around 4 months and never looked back. Think your baby has "colic"? e-mail me, we'll chat.

And now, without further adeau, some recent photos of my nearly 10 1/2 month old trouble maker - the child who has now been banned from the kitchen for eating things I SWORE I swept up, and for tearing through the trash can one-too-many times; The sweet babe who I found recently reaching into the toilet and snacking on some dripping toilet paper; and yes, the same little one who sleeps peacefully in my arms at night before bed. This child:Could that child steal your heart? He sure has stolen mine!
- Melissa

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Mamae do Nicholas said...

How adorable! Nichochas misses his pal!