Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Toys and non-toys

So, with Levi's first birthday quickly approaching (May 28th) I'm looking around the internet trying to figure out what he'll be "into" next. Toy-wise that is. Throughout the next year he'll pass so many milestones that it's difficult to decide how best to stimulate his quickly growing little mind. At first I thought stand-and-play toys would be great, but now that he's nearly walking, I wonder if those would be bypassed.

So, that leaves me wondering about things like flash cards, books, letters, shapes, and colors - you know, "learning toys". Do kids even like those? Levi doesn't seem to pay attention to anything for longer than a half a second - even food, which he LOVES - so I'm unsure.

Anyhow, I created this list of what I *think* he may be interested in/need over the next year, but (especially you moms out there) I need some advice. Will he move beyond sit & play toys soon? If so, is it still to early for him to enjoy playing with one of those kitchen or workbench sets? He sure seems to like the one at the play group we go to.
Of course, we could forgo toys and leave him to play with non-toys (which he seems to LOVE). You know, things like laundry baskets, salad spinners, shoes, and clothespins.


naomi said...

For an active boy like Levi I suggest things that he can climb and crawl in. Perhaps one of those canvas tunnels that they have at Ikea? A tent? My girls love those things.


Kim said...

I think the trucks, legos and slide will be a big hit!

Have you thought about a puzzle with big nobs or pegs?

You could also just get him a big empty box!

~ Erin said...

We just recently bought my nephew (who is about 3 months older than Levi) a wagon with some building blocks in it. He loves it! He gets to do his favorite thing (taking things out and putting them back in) and is learning something new--how to build using blocks. Eventually I'm sure he'll figure out he can push & pull the wagon around and load it with all manner of things.

I'm a firm believer in reading to your child and exposing them to books from a very early age. Board books or those plastic spongy books that can be taken into the bathtub are also a marvelous toy. He gets some exposure to what books even are and learns how to flip pages himself without totally destroying the book in the process.

Can't go wrong with things to crawl in and through either--tunnels, boxes, and slides are all wonderful toys!

:) Erin