Monday, April 12, 2010

Levi, Cristoph, and Daisy Mae

So last Saturday the three of us got up early - who am I kidding we get up at 6:00 every morning, not by desire mind you, but because the "alarm clock" in the room next to ours reminds us that it's time to nurse and play. Anyhow, we spent the day digging up our green-hippie-northwest-recycling-composting-clothdiapering-organicbuying-roots. We started by heading to a consignment sale at one of our our local cloth-diaper retail stores.


I left without any diapers. Quite honestly, I left before I even made it up to the table with the cloth diapers on it - I couldn't shove my way through with a baby in a sling on my hip. It was crazy. I bought a lovely "nursing necklace" and we made our way out.

Then where to? Why, the local co-op of course! As we pulled into the Open Harvest parking lot we knew something was up. Right there, in the middle of everything, was a cow. Yes, a dairy cow. and - wait for it - her calf. Prairieland Dairy was busily handing out samples of their delightful milk (not like I would know it's delightful, I haven't been able to drink fluid milk since last July - a story to fill you in on another day). So Levi met a new friend. Enter: Christoph. Although Christoph is quite a bit younger than Levi (just 6 weeks old I believe) they're both milk-lovers. I can't decide who's cuter in these pictures. Maybe you can?Well, we couldn't leave without a picture of the two mommies. Sometimes Levi makes me feel like one of these:
And with our visit winding to a close we were off to buy an electric car, build an Earthship, plant a forest, and sustainably raise goats in our back yard - or maybe just to go home and eat lunch.
- Melissa

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