Monday, April 26, 2010

"NOT Me" Monday

Another Monday - Here I go again, confessing the ugly, the embarrassing, and yet the true...

This past week I did NOT make enough strawberry jam to paint a house. While making said jam I also did NOT run out of jars to fill - twice. I know what I'm doing after all.

I did NOT purchase yet another sippy cup in an attempt to get my child to drink without any help. What a waste of money! After realizing that said sippy cup (which, mind you, I did NOT buy) might actually be a winner I did NOT successfully modify it, cutting out the no-spill valve, to make it easier to suck from. It is, of course, NOT our favorite cup in the house now.

I certainly did NOT offer to make my husband cowboy cookies last night (his birthday) with a secret desire for them myself. That would have been secretly selfish. While making said cookies I also didn't remember double everything but except oatmeal, requiring me to return all the dough from the cookie sheet to the bowl to add more oats. Nope, not me.

I did NOT suggest that my mom get the shirt below for my husband for his birthday. It's way too nerdy and I'm sure he would NOT be caught dead wearing it. (click to enlarge) He also did NOT wear said shirt to work today.

I did NOT eat this out of its jar with my finger. But if perchance I did, it would all be Kim Lepper's fault. She told me to buy it after all. I remain blameless.

Last but not least, I am NOT sitting here, blogging at my kitchen table while also making pancakes on the stove. I canNOT multitask like that and even if I could I wouldn't risk burning any pancakes. In fact, I have NOT overcooked any yet this morning. Nope. Not a one.

Your turn. What did you NOT do this week?

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lindaleriel said...

*sporfles* That shirt is nerdy joy! I will have to show that to my husband when he gets home. Though I am compelled to point out the mixing of a Star Trek hand sign with a Star Wars shirt because I am THAT big of a dork. I am also compelled to take a trek to Target at some point this week for that happiness in a jar that it is a very bad thing I now know exists.