Friday, April 9, 2010

All about pot - a pot named Ruby.

I try not to be a worldly person - that is to say, someone who spends too much time dwelling on what this world has to offer. This world is not my home after all... but there's just one little thing I have a problem with...

Kitchen gear. I have a serious kitchen gear problem.

It started with fancy schmancy can openers and garlic presses. Soon I was into blenders and stand mixers. Before I knew it my problem had escalated - into cookware. Not just any cookware though, Le Creuset cookware.
"What is Le Creuset" you ask? take a look, see for yourself. Hand forged, cast-iron perfection, coated in life-time guaranteed enamel, and that's only the beginning. So, may I please have the pleasure of introducing you to (da da da daaaaaaaaaa) Ruby:

3.5 quarts and 12" x 3" of braising beauty. A stovetop/ovenproof/dishwasher safe/freezer-refrigerator compatible marvel of mankind. The impliment with which I will hatch my plan for mastery of all things seared-then-slow-cooked.

So, what I'm saying is, I have a weak point. Is that so wrong?

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Mamae do Nicholas said...

I love mine, it's blue, so beautiful... I didn't name mine, shame on me... Le Curset rocks, my life changed after this very expensive piece of cookwear!