Thursday, April 29, 2010

Basic H

I make HUGE messes in my kitchen more often than I'm prone to admit. Truthfully, there's a lot of good that comes from those messes (does 400+ oz of jam ring a bell? Anyone?) But amidst the good also lies the bad and yes, the ugly.

I strongly dislike cleaning up said messes. But who doesn't?
I'd like to meet the person who likes cleaning up as much as they like mess making - and then I'd like to promptly bless them with a boatload of their favorite task

Anyway as I'm sure you can imagine I've had the messiest stovetop in the WORLD lately due to all this jam making (and consequently, also some bread baking. Bread is a vehicle for jam just like carrots are a vehicle for ranch don't you know) Without much desire to spray a bunch of chemicals all over my kitchen I decided to take a page out of my mom's book and try a product by Shaklee called "Basic H". She's used it as long as I can remember.

Basic H does a million and a half things. No, seriously. It will clean your floor, your fruits & vegetables, your windows, and even nourish your plants! Don't ask me how it works, I'm no expert. All I know is that it's perfectly harmless to injest, inhale & touch, and leaves no carbon footprint. And I like that.

But the real question is - Did it remove all the dough/jam/grease from my grungy stovetop (a mess the likes of which the camera cannot properly show)? See for yourself.

Now that's a stovetop worth talking about.
- Melissa

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shhyouaretired said...

Wow! That's some amazing stuff. Where can you pick it up?