Monday, April 19, 2010

NOT me Monday

"Not Me Monday" is a blog carnival started by a blogger named McMama. Because I'm a fan of self-deprecating humor, I've decided to join in unabashedly.
This weekend I certainly did NOT hear my 11 month old fully awaken at 5:30am and then ask my dear husband to bring him into our bed so I could try (somewhat successfully) to nurse him back to sleep and get a few more minutes of shut-eye for myself. That would be silly because I know too well that I can't really rest when he's in bed with us.

Last week I did NOT find a ladybug, nay a ladybug and a spider, mixed in with the clean diapers I pulled off the line in the back yard. I also did NOT lose track of said insects while putting diapers together.

After making bread dough yesterday, I did NOT leave my stand-mixer looking like this
I always take good care of my kitchenaid and would not say to my husband that "a good flour dusting makes it look well loved". That would simply be an excuse for my overall laziness

Lastly, I did NOT borrow a good mama diaper from a friend to see how I liked it on Levi, then (almost immediately) proceed to watch him poop in said borrowed cloth diaper. Thank you, Levi. That wasn't ours.

It's been a good week, all told. What about you? What have you NOT done this week?

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