Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No green thumb, and yet...

I sill managed to get a visit from these beauties:

Of course, they're bulbs, so they bloom every spring without me lifting a finger. I know I shouldn't take the credit when quite obviously it was some hard-working homeowner before me who did all the work.

I will, however, take credit for this:

Her name is violet - fittingly enough. I've managed to keep her alive for 2 years. Yes, two. And then this past fall something peculiar happened. She spawned 4 more separate plants right there in that tiny pot. I was flabbergasted.

Ok, I lie.

I didn't even know there was more than one plant in that pot until a visiting neighbor pointed it out. With now five African Violets taking up residence in a pot that was certainly too small, she and I delicately pulled them apart and re-planted them into five larger pots. I kept three, she took two.

And now I have not one, not five, but three thriving African Violets sitting in my bay window. Lovely. The center one and also the one to the right (She's the mother plant) already have tiny buds sprouting up. I'm so proud.

After such a success I decided to be bold. I planted these:

The pot on the top step holds a beautiful pot of basil - two separate plants. The pot on the bottom step is growing dill and cilantro. Last years basil thrived - but alas, it thrived the week we had Levi and then the grand majority of it went to waste as I neglected it in the hot summer sun, trading that gorgeous basil for hours upon hours of caring for a new babe. Here's hoping this year will be different.

Any suggestions?

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Kim said...

Just keep me away. I have a black thumb. I watered a fake plant the other day.

No joke. I'm hopeless!