Saturday, April 17, 2010

Locks are for more than front doors

When Levi learned to crawl, Jonathan installed these locks on the cabinets under the sink.
I thought, as a matter of safety, we'd better hide all the gross nasty chemicals behind locked doors. Right? Well, turns out there are more things in the kitchen that need hiding these days

Levi has learned how to not only open, but also enter all my other lower kitchen cabinets. His favorite is the cabinet I keep my wok and stockpot in. Now why would that be a problem? well, glass lids aside, these pots are HEAVY, and when clumsily (I think I just made that word up) lifted by one shaky little baby hand they are prone to land on one chubby little baby foot and cause one giant tearful wailing experience.

Yes. We will be locking up the rest of the cabinets tomorrow. Sad, but true.

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MamaFujan said...

I believe clumsily is in fact a word. At least my computer friend doesn't underline it when I type it in! Computers are always right, you know!