Thursday, April 22, 2010



Today, I will make Jam. Lots of Jam. Probably more jam than we'll be able to eat. But hey, with strawberries this cheap (under $9/12lb flat) I'm goin' for it.

"have you ever done this before?" you ask. Admittedly, no.
But how hard can it be, right? Clean glass jars, freezer jam pectin, strawberries, sugar, and a large pot... I can't imagine it's all that difficult. Besides, we have a HUGE chest freezer begging to be filled with money-saving goodies to be used throughout the year.

Any advice?

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Molly said...

Strawberry freezer jam is my fav! Just be SURE to follow the directions and add the ingredients in the right order...otherwise you get strawberry syrup. :) Oh, and for most freezer jams you don't have to cook it...that's only for canned jams. Just FYI. :) Good luck!