Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Some of you may have noticed the suspicious lack of photos in my last few posts

Truth be told, my camera is no more.

Nobody dropped it, no one gave it a bath, it didn't get buried in the back yard nor did it take a trip down the slide. It wasn't accidentally broiled, or frozen, or tumble dried but I'll assure you there are things in my home which have been. No. It simply quit working.

About three years ago I did insurmountable research before purchasing my cannon powershot S20 IS. It was HUGE, HEAVY, and blurred almost every shot I took one-handed. But in its day, it was the KING of cameras. If that doesn't show you how fast technology changes, I don't know what does.
So I'm looking for a new camera. I'm intrigued by canon's newest powershot series, although they cost more than I have. Jonathan has quite generously donated $100 of his saved-up spending money (birthday and Christmas gifts from family members) and I'm at least somewhat determined to stay under that limit.

Where's my spending money you ask? well, remember, I purchased Ruby. And that was all I had.

I'm also looking at Nikon's coolpix line, which looks less expensive. I am not very particular about our next camera, but I DO expect the following:

accepts SD cards (we already have them, and my computer has a slot for them)
takes video
has excellent stability (can handle a little shaking while shooting)
in the $100 range
(preferably) is rechargeable
is slim and lightweight

Currently checking out e-bay and (both of which are thoroughly overwhelming) and also costco's website, although things are more expensive there.

So, your suggestions would be much appreciated.


Neil said... - the website I use when trying to find a new camera. They do an excellent job of reviewing cameras and lots of people comment on the forums. Look around and take your time.

I loved my little Samsung - only beef was the short battery life. If you are looking at point and shoot's it's a really wide field, lots of good things to choose from.

Kim said...

Hey this is Kim's husband Jeremy. I sold digital camera's and am still very interested in the technology. For what you are asking for I would check out the Cannon A495. The "A series" is a solid line of cameras from cannon and it meets all of your requrements and best buy has it for 99.99 (normal 129.99) right now for sale on line

Another upside is that everything you are familiar with will be on this camera, since it is a canon. It does use 2 AA batteries and I would suggest if your budget allows to get a recharable set. I would also suggest going to the store and trying it one handed to see what quality you get, just to be on the safe side. If you have any other questions you can e-mail Kim and I would be happy to help.