Monday, June 7, 2010

Building the Great Wall

Where did the last week go?
Oh yeah, it went here:

While my mom and step-dad were here for Levi's birthday party (which I will post pictures of the next time I get a moment to breathe) We decided what better time than the present to add a new room to our basement? This was, by my step-father, called a "simple project", just a wall, and a closet to frame, drywall, and paint. That's "all".

And I guess it wasn't much more than that. In fact, we didn't even hit any snags in the process. But it became apparent that our views of "simple" were quite different. You see, I equate "simple" with "fast" - These two do not belong together.

"Straight forward", yes. The entire project was quite straight forward. Everything was very standard procedeur. But there's a lot to be said for a standard procedeur when it's being completed in the home of a couple who has never (I repeat, never) done construction-based home improvement. We have a LOT to learn.

Needless to say, the finished product is nothing short of AMAZING. We still have yet to finish paiting, to hang trim, and to install doors. But in my mind, those are small details compared to the enormity which has already been finished.

So, as the Chaos dwindles in our home
And as the dust settles (literally)
And as I'm reminded that not only have I been an almost absent member of the blogosphere for the past week, but I've also let a LOT of things
go around this house...

I am also, in the same breath, SO happy with what we've done to our home, and SO grateful for those who made it possible. THANK YOU Eric, Jonathan, Brian, Bryan, and (yes) Brian. Not only do we have a lot of friends named Brian, but we have a lot of friends (and family members) who willingly donated their time and talents to help us with the project we've been talking about since we bought our house in June of "08.


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You're welcome!

-Framing Brian