Wednesday, June 16, 2010

livin' cloth-free in 'sposie land

Guess whose baby is in disposables this week? ooh ooh pick mine, pick mine!
We're on what I think is a completely unnecessary course of antibiotics.
They were prescribed to him Sunday, before we figured out that he had Roseola and not something more serious (the rash showed up yesterday, confirming my suspicion.

Anyhow, no cloth for us until the antibiotics are out of his system. If you use cloth, you probably know what I mean.


Kim said...

Same for when you move. Sam's never been on antibiotics, but I've heard horror stories.

Hope he feels better pronto!

Christina said...

I DON'T know what you mean! c'mon how 'bout some clarification for those of us who only blog about our pets?!

{p.s. I'm guessing MESSY}

Melissa K. said...

Christina: messy would not begin to describe the feeling that starts in the pit of my gut and exits my mouth hole when I am faced with HAND RINSING a diaper filled to the leg openings with diarrhea. Does that paint a *clearer* picture?
luv you.