Monday, June 14, 2010

Definitely a Monday

This is the face of a sick little boy.
My tired, feverish son.
Friday night he spiked a relatively low fever (hovering around 102) which kept with him, with no other signs of illness, through Sunday. Because of his "history" (if one case can legitamately be called a history) of UTI's, and because he had no other symptoms, we were told he needed to be seen.

I knew what this meant.

Indeed, after checking his perfectly healthy little ears, nose and throat, the doctor ordered a catheterized urinalysis. To add insult to injury she also ordered a finger prick, and a blood draw. Why? well, with a non-symptomatic fever (meaning a fever that is not also accompanied by a cough, runny nose, ear ache, spots in the back of the throat, rash, etc. within the first 24 hours, pointing to a virus.) Dr.'s worry about the unseen. Bacterial blood infections, UTI's, and so on.


The dip test on his urine came back clean. Most likely, no UTI for Levi. I could have told you that.

The CBC came back clean, no bacterial blood infection for Levi - PTL, neither of us wanted to spend 7-10 days in the hospital.

So, what does this small Hnosko have? Your guess is as good as mine. His fever broke around 3:00 this morning. For the first time in a LONG time he was up nursing a good chunk of the night. Usually I wouldn't ablige night time requests, but a sick baby gets whatever he wants, especially in the way of food and drink. So, rocking I was. Rocking and rocking. And daddy was rocking too. Much of the night.

The storms didn't help. Vicious thunder and lightening filled the night sky.

Speaking of rain, and pouring... when the bills come in for medical care (as they are doing this week, rapidly since Levi's VUCG) we usually also have a home-improvement need. This time around: clogged tub drain. Two bouts of drano within 24 hours hasn't dislodged whatever it is. Every time we run the sinks the tub backs up, so the clog is somewhere in between.

Let's just say I need a little more sanity than I currently have at my immediate disposal this week. A little more sanity, and a little more sleep.

But oh, how blessed we Hnoskos are. How blessed we are indeed.

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