Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today I will...

  • kiss my husband good bye at 2:30am and hopefully welcome him home before 7:00pm
  • wake to a babbling Levi at ten to six
  • keep a rather cranky Levi awake until a reasonable napping hour by walking barefooted outside - and subsequently landing in bird poop
  • sweep
  • mop
  • use the majority of my alloted blogging time doing the previous two
  • attack my grocery list - identify deals - ad match and SHOP (before lunch, ideally)
  • play catch up with the laundry - is it me, or is this a daily affair?
  • paint (yeah right, who am I kidding, this is likely dead LAST on my list)
  • nurse a baby
  • feed a baby
  • feed a husband
  • put them both to bed before 8pm
  • make a meal to deliver to friends tomorrow - dessert included :)
  • try to figure out what food is giving Levi loose poop - a common theme in his short life
  • wait ONE more day before my new camera arrives at Best Buy (a topic yet to be blogged about)
  • reminisce about the wonderful lunch I shared yesterday with friends and their babies after play group.
  • wish I could do the same today - totally dragging - it's amazing how long the morning feels when hubby leaves before dawn. I literally count the minutes until morning nap
  • probably have to find a second cup of coffee (very rare for me) see previous note on "dragging"
  • try desperately to keep up with my running toddler
  • continue to wonder why said toddler hasn't gained any weight in a month when he was gaining just fine before he started walking - wait - maybe that's the reason. Hmm...
  • enjoy the mid 80's until the high 90's prevail tomorrow
  • look for the following at Home Depot (if I ever get there, and don't worry hubby, I probably won't so we can go together Saturday): Closet door pulls, a drill bit to cut pull-holes in closet doors, a piece of molding to cover the closet door track, and a brushed silver door knob
  • meet with the photographer who took all of Levi's pictures over the past year and possibly order a few to remember the year by
  • show Levi his new touch-and-feel-flashcards
  • remind myself over and over (and over) that, although at the end of the day I may have precious little to show for my efforts, my investment in this hurricane of toddler energy will pay off 100-fold - and then some.


Molly said...

Wow! That's a lot to accomplish in one day! I'm still working on doing all that in one week! :)

Melissa K. said...

when my baby was the same age as your baby I remember calling a friend one day and telling her how it seemed like I couldn't get anything done. No laundry, no cleaning, heck, I remember days when Jonathan had to make my lunch for me and stick it in the fridge before he left for work. My friend asked me a revealing question - "have you fed a baby today"... Well, I guess that is a lot of work when you have a newborn. Come to think of it, feedings took up hours upon hours each day, rendering me mostly sedentary.

Hang in there. If you find your immediate value in your accomplishments (like I do) it will be a little while until you're up to your own standards again. Remember, the laundry and the dishes aren't going anywhere, but the baby will grow up!