Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Under the influence

I will take a moment hear to briefly explain my appointment with the oral surgeon yesterday, but I must prefacec this by saying that he perscribed me a muscle relaxant that has not worn off yet. I took half (yes HALF) of the recommended dose last night because I have a track record for being very sensitive to medications which may make one drowsy. Needless to say, I'm drowsy. And I took that HALF pill last night at 8:30pm.

(when I first went into labor my MW gave me an ambien pill because I needed rest and hard labor was FAR off. She sent me home. The nurse told me to take the pill there in the hospital and then to make my way home - hubby driving of course. I warned her that when I've taken ambien the past I've only been able to take HALF a pill, because a whole will make me hallucinate. She said it would be fine. Silly me, I believed her. Before I even got down the elevator I was walking like a drunk. A pregnant drunk. My husband was actually asked if I needed a wheelchair. Contracting, drunk looking, overdue woman . But man, did I have the best 4 hours of sleep of my LIFE.)

So, went to the oral surgeon. He said that with physical therapy for my jaw (i.e. exercises he gave me) and this daily muscle relaxer, my jaw could return to normal. Essentialy there's a protective miniscus which sits between the two jaw bones, and mine is out of place, allowing the two jaw bones to rub together. Ouch. It also sits in the way, which keeps my jaw from opening to its full capacity.

I've got double vision. So, I'm going to stop there.
Stay tuned. More to come.

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