Friday, July 9, 2010


Does the title explain it?
If not, maybe the photo will.

My husband had been eyeballing "The Last Airbender" ever since seeing the first trailer a few months ago. Knowing that our son would not sit quietly through a movie (insert laugh of extreme understatement here) I sent him off to watch the movie, in the theater, alone.

This concept is not foreign to us. Remember, Jonathan sent me off to see the film "babies" alone. Contrary to my suspision, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Peace and quiet. Ahhhh.

So off went my hubby to see what he imagined would be something hundreds of times better than the cartoon we had watched while babysitting the Moore's youngins. So was it? well, you'll really have to ask him, but the impression that I got was that it was a decent movie that lived up to his expectations. It didn't exceed them, but at least it met them.

That night, I cut Jonathan's hair. I offered to let him keep it this way, but he politely declined. Hey, who wouldn't want to be married to an Air Bender? I mean really.

I have come to realize that it is difficult to type (let alone think) while listening to a toddler crying over the monitor - a toddler who is increasingly trying to forgo this morning nap business. As "morning nap" (maybe I should re-name that, "morning crib time", nap suggests quiet, which it is not) shortens, so do my blogs. Funny how that works.

- M


shhyouaretired said...

Dang, Davizzle and I wanted to go see that but sounds like it was kind of "meh" :-/

delightfulpregnancy said...

Hi there! Sorry that this comment has absolutely nothing to do with this post! Ok, so I saw your comment on "Stand and Deliver's" post about the article in the Omaha World Herald. I saw that you mentioned Marsha and Jerilyn. Wondering if we know each other, or at the least, probably know many of the same people??

I used to live in Lincoln, went to LSE '96, worked for Campus Life, went to Zion Church. I also had Marsha D as a doula (and Carol G as my midwife). Feel free to email me (find email address on my blog)!! Small world. :)