Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend

I have so many photos of this past weekend, it's hard to know where to start. Of course, blogger makes photo uploading a MAJOR pain in the petute, but here it goes!

We started our weekend on Friday by visiting the Trego Park Sprayground. It's like a playground, only there are guisers all over the place that go off at random times. Very fun! I
didn't think Levi would be that into it (considering the trouble we've had getting him to get NEAR the sprinkler) but I was oh so wrong. Glad I had some extra clothes for him in the car,
otherwise we would have taken home a few gallons of water.

Saturday morning we went to the Farmers' Market down in the Haymarket and explored the inside and outside of the firetruck that was parked there. Levi was quite enthusiastic about all the buttons, and dials.

Sunday (after I completed my *mighty* toilet repair - see previous post) we headed off for Seward. I had no idea that "America's Official 4th of July City" was right in my backyard - er - 35 minutes away.

We were there specifically for the parade, but ended up staying for the BBQ as well. The parade was great (nothing nearly as quaint as the Johnson Parade, but who can beat that?) but Levi loathed all the noise. This kid is remarkably sensitive to loud noises. I do believe ALL of the emergency vehicles stationed within a 100 mile radius of Seward came to take part in the parade, and ALL of them had their sirens on. Levi hated them - as shown below.
But we really did have a good time, and there was a lot to see. We would have stayed longer but I hadn't brought a lot of food for Levi and there wasn't anything there I could really feed him. As of late, he's been racting to something in his diet and I can't put my finger on it. At first I thought it was melon, then oats, but now I'm wondering if it might be eggs. So, needless to say, he's off of all of those at the moment - ingredients included. It gets harder and harder to get him not only the calories he needs, but also the variety.

I'm giving him rice-milk in a sippy cup at meal times, but that's so deficient in calories, fat and protein, that I don't know if it's even worth the calories. What I mean is, it might be better off to fill that belly with more caloricaly dense foods, than allow it to fill up on rice milk (even if it is calcium fortified - the reason I gave it to him in the first place). He still nurses though, so I'm not terribly concerned. I just wish I could figure out his loose poop.

Like how I kept that part about poop short and sweet? Thought you might appreciate that.

Hope you had a wonderful 4th, I know we sure did.


Molly said...

Random question, but we're having some trouble with did you figure out that Levi had problems with dairy?

Chelsie Hardy said...

just wondering if the loose poop could be teething. It seems Rowan always has teething symptoms several times for days in a row before we actually see any teeth. (1-year-old molers?) Good luck!