Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Me Monday

Happy Monday
Unlike YOU, I never do anything I end up regretting, or otherwise wishing I hadn't done. I'm completely perfect in every way (just like Mary Poppins), so it should come as no surprise to you that I did NONE of these things over the past week:

Last week I certainly did not find out that after having avoided the dentist for over a year I have two cavities. And nay, neither of them needs a crown.

I did not chastise my husband for teaching our son that a Zebra says "hee haw". I mean HONESTLY! everyone knows what Zebras actually say... right?

In my pointless attempt to encourage Levi to sleep past 6am, I most certainly did not dissallow his morning nap on Saturday. I did not also keep him up until his regular bed-time having only had a 90 minute afternoon nap. He also did not awake chipper at 6:00am on Sunday morning

I did not become embittered in my heart towards the two-year-old in the sunday school room at church when I personally wittnessed him maliciously push my sweet baby over (through the one-way glass window in the foyer). My son is a tough boy who can fend for himself and I would NEVER baby him. Nope, not me.

I did not begin to regret introducing the slide to my dear 13 month old after the umpteenth time he wanted me to lift him up and send him sliding down. I'm a patient mother, and I want nothing more than for my child to enjoy his toys to the fullest.

I did not roll my eyes as I saw my grown husband chasing my son around the house at 7:00am with a squirt bottle full of water - both of them squealing with laughter.

I did not break the needle on my sewing machine while replacing the velcro on Levi's diapers. After all, who uses cloth diapers anyway - archaic. (I did not use disposables this week to avoid the liqui-poo problems we've been having)

I did not buy 30lbs of ground turkey to take advantage of a $1/lb deal. That's WAY too much meat to buy at one time. I also was not given a bizarre look by the butcher at the point in time when I did not buy said meat.

I was not just a little thrilled this morning when Levi snuggled with me in our arm chair for 20 minutes after we got out of bed. Fully awake, and all snuggly.

I did not avoid cleaning the George Foreman (again) for over a week. Yuck. Those of you who know me, know that my kitchen is always clean. Always.

I did not become so loopy after taking HALF of the oral surgeon's recommended dose of Flexerol that I attempted to cut said (tiny) pills into quarters, leaving me with completely un-even doses. I'm far more careful than that with medication. I did not also attempt to then cut them into thirds when I found that a quarter just wasn't quite enough.

Finally, Levi has not been napping (his second of the day) for over 2 hours now . My child simply does NOT do that. All the other children we know have PERFECT sleep schedules, and mine is the only one who does anything quirky.

What have you and your family NOT been up to lately?

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shhyouaretired said...

Dude that gr. turkey deal was AWESOME wasn't it?! I think we only got like 10 lbs because Brynn got 20 lbs. of ground beef for something like $1.69/lb a week or two before. I told her to return it, but she had already portioned it out ;)