Monday, July 26, 2010

NOT ME Monday

Not Me Monday is a blog carnival that was started by THIS (very pregnant) blogger. I think it's hilarious, and if you do too then you should join me in this guilt relieving practice - it's cathartic.

First things first - I did NOT spend the very first of my waking moments bathing a toddler with poop caked to the insides of his legs and around his middle. I did not follow that up by emptying his sleep sack (which certainly did not lead me to believe he had been literally swimming in poo). Knowing these things happen, I did not run out spray-&-wash attempting to clean the 85 million things that were covered in feces - I plan better than that and always have a spare bottle on hand for such events.

Knowing that my son was getting cranky, and would not particularly enjoy his evening bath, I did not suggest that his father bathe with him. No. It would be inconsiderate of me to ask my wonderful husband to get all wet in a tub filled with 2 inches of tepid water just so I wouldn't have to deal with a whiney 14 month old. I'm certainly not that inconsiderate.

I did not let Levi play in guacamole last night at chipotle. Enough said.

While attending the beautiful farmers' market in the Haymarket this weekend, I did not take full view of all the wonderful, brightly colored vegetables, the sweet corn, fresh tomatoes, and squashes, lettuces & asparaguses (Asparagai?) and yet come home with a bag of cookies to show for my efforts. wow. You've got to know I'm more health-minded than that. Seriously

Speaking of cookies, I did not bake a double batch of Jonathan's favorites (oatmeal-chocolate-chip-walnut) only to find my tender jaw could not handle their firm texture. I am now not lamenting over the fact that they are now truly for him - even though I made sure they were MSPI safe for ME. I'm also not bitter.

I did not realize this weekend that in the two years I've lived in this house, the basement toilet has been cleaned ONCE.... by my mother... just after Levi was born. He's one now.

Noticing that Levi was copying words we were saying to him for a few moments last night, Jonathan did not say say a word we'd rather he not repeat. Of course, Levi did not repeat said word. I did not laugh like a little girl.

Aaaaand I'm sure there are many more, but enough about me. What have you NOT done this week?

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Honest to Christina said...

I love your posts! It's refeshing to keep it real isn't it :) p.s. your blog background went bye bye! I think the place you got it from had to get a new host - I have used them before too. Just a heads up!