Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To my 9lb boy

Nine pounds! little man you are growing so fast! Now, mind you, we're doing one heck of a lot of work to get you to grow. Between all our breastfeeding, formula feeding, finger feeding, bottle feeding, and everything else we've tried, aparently you've managed to get a good load of calories in that little body of yours. Good for you!

Levi, you are already outgrowing your 0-3 month clothes, but not because you've got any chub on you. No, you're just so darn long we can't get the snaps to fasten. Now I'll admit, part of that is due to the puffy cloth diapers we have you in, but you are very very long indeed. While bath time has become a bit more enjoyable for you, diaper changes are your least favorite. Maybe that's because we change you right before you eat. it seems like you're ALWAYS hungry.

Grandma and Granddad are visiting you this week from their home in Seattle. Man, have you been pampered or what? You can most often be found sleeping in the arms of one of your doting grandparents - unless of course you're eating, did I mention that you do a lot of that? All your grandparents love you so much they're all coming out here to see you. Mommy and Daddy are getting a little more sleep while they're here to coddle you and make you happy as a clam. The only question is, what will we do when they leave?

So far it appears as though you like car rides (what baby doesn't?) but the carseat is not your favorite. We strap you in and you scream bloody murder - until we get that car going anyhow. You also aren't a fan of being put in your crib. The bassenett is the only thing that will do and, unless you're swaddled tightly so you don't startle yourself with your hands, you don't really like it there either. Nope, we done spoiled you!

Little Levi, I'm so anxious for you to grow and develop. I long to see you smile, to reach for things, to soothe yourself and to have extended periods of being both awake and happy. At the same time though I want you to stay small and wrinkly. While I can't wait for you to hold your head up on your own, it really is cute the way you flop it around. We love you so very much Levi and we pray every day that this 9 pound boy will grow into a heavyweight man of God - he loves you more than we do you know.

For now, keep growing Levi. Keep packing on those pounds and for goodness sake keep improving that suck of yours. It's getting better, slowly, but it could still use some big help. Not sure yet how we'll manage feeding you, but fear not you will be fed. We love you little one!

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Brynn said...

I am so happy you mentioned your blog again, I had forgotten about it! I enjoyed catching up with you (even though it was maybe not the way I would have preferred!) and I hope we will see you and the two men in your life again soon! Praying for you. :)