Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

"Not Me Monday" was the idea and creation of blogger "MckMama" (see her fascinating blog here) and so, in cooperation with she and a large following of other guilt reducing mothers, I plan to participate. Below are a few of the things that I certainly did NOT do last week. Doing these things would have been simply improper, lazy, un-motherly, and in so many other ways, just wrong. So, here we go.

I did not eat a chicken leg and an oreo for breakfast yesterday because they were easier to grab than a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast. No, those things hold little nutrition and I certainly wouldn't have done that. I also did not have a bowl of pasta salad for lunch - forsaking all notions of vegetables and fruit. Had I done that I would surely have had something healthy by now (a whole day later).

I did not swaddle my child in our only miracle blanket which was only slightly damp with what had leaked out of his diaper. That would have been gross. I also did not attempt to continue feeding him practically all day yesterday because he fussed (or slept) practically all day. Doing so would surely show a lack of coping ability on my part and likely some form of neglect for his other, non food needs. Saying this, I must also confirm that I do not associate every one of his cries with hunger. Not me. I know better.

I did not turn the baby monitor off because Levi's cry was just too loud. I also did not turn it up later on to try to hear him breath after he stopped fussing and then procede to request that my husband go in and check on our (no longer fussing) son, risking a potential wake-up. No, I'm confident that once the child stops crying it's because he's assleep, not because he's stopped breathing. What a silly notion that would be for a first time mother to have!

I did not balk when my dear husband wanted to take the (finally) sleeping baby out of the sling he was wearing him in because he needed to use the bathroom. that sure would have been insensitive and rude.
I did not eat tost over my nursing child, douseing him in crumbs. Later I did not eat a grilled cheese sandwich over the same nursing child.

And most of all I am not wondering how in the world I will manage with this newly fussier baby once that dear husband of mine returns to work today after 5 days off.

And, now you know about all those things I certainly haven't done this past week. Whew, feels better, cleansing almost!
Happy Monday everyone.

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Krista said...

ohhhh how i love your "Not Me Monday"! I too follow McMama! So fun! =) enjoy your little one! he's a cutie!