Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The power of the swaddle

So you may remember me mentioning (or if you've been here you've likely seen) the miracle blanket. This blanket, affectionately referred to in our home as the "baby straight jacket" (see link for video demonstration) has true power, I kid you not. Take this morning as an example:

Levi awakes at 5:15 (normal for him) to eat. Upon pulling him out of his crib I find that he is soaked in - well, what else would he be soaked in - pee. Likewise, the miracle blanket we religiously swaddle him in is soaked. This, in my mind, was only the beginning of the end. Trying desperately to find a viable alternative I scoured the closet for a good swaddling blanket. Husband wakes, swaddles child in alternative muslin blanket, and Levi gets fed. Now, after this Levi usually goes back to bed for 3 hours giving mom just enough time to set up for the day. bottles washed and re filled, lunch made (for myself and hubby) and a bit of breakfast down the hatch. Laundry started (including that precious blanket...) But no. He wouldn't have it. The alternative, while wonderful as a lightweight blanket, simply wouldn't keep those pesky hands at his sides. So there sat Levi, screaming in his crib. SCREAMING, while mom and dad ate eggs and toast with grimaces on their faces. This is not how mornings usually go all thanks to that soaking wet miracle blanket.

And then the clouds parted. Dad took that alternative muslin wrap and secured our son so tight I could swear he was actually a burrito. Awake, he placed him in his bouncy seat (we can so rarely put him down when he's awake without suffering the consequences) and would you believe what happened? The child fell asleep promptly. fast asleep. Thank you daddy, for saving our day.

Laundry is in, mommy is fed, lunches are made, hopefully more milk is being produced in preparation for the next feeding and yes, the day will go on. Which is good, because we're going into review professional photos today to pick out a birth announcement. Keep an eye on those mail boxes (assuming I get them sent out in a reasonable amount of time).

Oh, and in case you want to enjoy it as much as I am right now, below is what our sleeping child looks at at this very moment. Very nice, very nice.

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