Sunday, June 28, 2009

One month old today!

It's true, our little man has been in our an entire month. Sometimes it feels like it's been far longer than that (the middle of the night, for example) while other times I look back at pictures from the day he was born and it seems like only yesterday.
Speaking of yesterday - we had to adjust our carseat for our extra-long son before we went out and about yesterday. He's pretty skinny still but, man, his length is incredible! I've got him in 3-6 month clothes to accommodate his length and his puffy cloth diapers. He's finally filled out enough that we can put him in his [more convenient] snapping and velcroing cloth diapers (which, by the way, we love). True, they are very big on him, but they contain SO MUCH more mess than disposables. They have a fleece outer layer that's next to his skin and an absorbant microfiber core that sucks all that pee away from his bottom. The diaper can be FULL and still feel dry next to his little bottom. We love them!...and aparently so does he. Hey, who wouldn't want super soft fleece next to their bottom all day?

So, happy one month birthday little Levi. You present us with daily joy and daily challenge (ahem, breastfeeding, ahem) and we love the bajeebers out of you. Keep growing, keep sleeping well at night, keep enjoying your bathtime routine, and we'll keep loving and learning about this parenting thing.
- mom and dad

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