Saturday, August 21, 2010

A vacation from my vacation

as in, I think I may need one - once I return home

Levi and I have been here in Seattle nearly two weeks now. We flew out of Omaha way back on Tuesday, August 10th, and we'll fly out of Sea-Tac on Tuesday August 24th (benedryl in hand).

Now, please don't misunderstand me. We are both having a fabulous time, I assure you. We are enjoying every moment of family fun, soaking up the pacific northwest breeze, basking in the love of all our doting parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, and being so very well taken care of - but there's still something to be said for being away from "home". Away from "normal". Away from mommy's organized, anxiety reducing, calm baby producing, rhythm and routine.

Yes, Levi has been a little handful lately. He'll be cute and cuddly as can be one moment, and then he'll have a total melt down the next. Today, on a rather lengthy car ride, I actually sat in the back seat with him (incorrectly assuming this would solve his woes) only to have him scream in my face all the way back home. I think his crankiness could well have to do with the lack of routine he's experiencing here, mingled with this whole I-want-to-drop-my-first-nap-but-sometimes-I-still-need-it thing. Tonight was the cou-de-gras of crankiness. I just about lost it with him.

Then I found a piece of chocolate. and I dove back in to finish off the evening.

Despite the wonderful time we're having, the irritability of my son, coupled with how much I miss my spouse, are really making me yearn for home. For a morning where daddy can get Levi out of his crib and I can just lay there for a brief moment. For an evening of making dinner and knowing that my son can play unattended in the next room because there isn't anything in there he can't touch
[very well meaning grandparents and great grandparents have LOTS of things that are off limits to toddlers. ALL of these things are virtual toddler magnets, and no matter how many brightly colored NEW toys you may have, "pretty's" (decorative items) will STILL be highly magnetic. in brief, "keep your lame toys mama, I'm after that candle/vase/china cabinet/bottle of rum/wine/candy dish/un-attached glass table top/coffeetable book...]
yes, I'm yearning for home. And even, gasp, for Nebraska.

When we first moved to NE I really yearned for Seattle - where the rest of my crunchy green friends lived. But now the tables have turned, and all the wrong I used to see in NE, I now see in WA. I guess my step-dad was right when he said "the longer you live there, the more you'll want to live there" We are quite settled, and it is very much home. and I'll write more about that later, but my brain is poorly mixed pancake batter and I think some sleep would bring some cohisiveness to the bowl.

There. How's that for a word picture?
If actual pictures are what you're after you'll have to head over to facebook - I'm posting them right now.

Oh, and Rachael, I'm SO ready for date nights. BRING-'EM

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