Monday, August 9, 2010

Making Hay

...while the sun shines.
Or, to be more precise, while the toddler naps. Which he should be doing. After all, he only slept 9 hours last night. Hubby left at 2:30am, baby woke at 5:30am. After taking 30 minutes to decide to have a happy attitude, mommy rolled out of bed at 6:00am.

Coffee. Ahem.
ok, now I think we're ready for a day.

Tomorrow the tot and I will leave for Seattle. I love Seattle. After all, I spent 18 years there. What I don't love are flights. What I really don't love are flights with toddlers - especially the kind that have to stay in my lap.

Remember your last flight? I mean, your last pre-child flight (if you do indeed have kiddos). Do you remember holding your breath as the woman with the babbling and/or whining 18 month old passed you by? I do. I remember being 28 weeks pregnant and flying home for my baby shower. I heard a toddler squaking behind me and said to myself "praise Jesus that isn't my child" along with the seemingly obligatory why can't she keep control of her own kid?" Well, this time I AM that woman, and LORD help me.

I'm not sure how intelligent this was, but I booked an evening flight. We'll arrive in Seattle around 11:15pm Pacific time. Our entire flying time will be during the time Levi is usually asleep. This could potentially backfire and leave me stranded on an airplane with an over-tired, over-stimulated toddler, but I guess I'm willing to take that risk considering there's also a chance he could sleep the entire way. Yes, he will have "help" in that department. (ahem, benedryll, ahem).

So, off I go to pack finish getting ready for our departure. If, friend, you are in Seattle, please let me know so I can connect with you - toddler in tow. He is awfull cute, and it would be a shame for you not to see him :)

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