Monday, August 2, 2010

NOT ME Monday


... yes. Here we goooooooooooooo

Levi's naps have been - shall we say - different recently. As such, he has been unusually fussy. In the later part of last week, when I'd had just about enough of the sleepless whining I did NOT tell my 14 month old to "shut-up". Who says that to their child? Not me.

I did NOT put the same handful of avocado chunks on my son's highchair tray 4 meals in a row trying to get him to eat ONE SOLITARY PIECE of his (formerly) favorite food. Seriously. Just give the kid what he wants. He knows if he waits long enough you'll show up with the good stuff. Give IN already.

I did NOT pretend to eat Levi's oatmeal for breakfast just so he would want some.

I did NOT throw the diapers in the dryer - twice - because I was too lazy to hang them on the line.

I did NOT leave at least one refrigeratable item out on the kitchen counter overnight each day this week. I clean MY kitchen every night. You should know that.

I did NOT purchase any of the following convenience foods at the grocery store this past week; items I PROMISED myself I would never buy: rice-a-roni, chicken nuggets, and fish sticks. Not me.

I did not audibly groan this morning when my son awoke (at 5am) to the sound of my husband rolling over in bed. I know our bed makes a small creak from time to time, but SERIOUSLY? he can HEAR that? With his white noise machine MAXED OUT? Sometimes I think he has a stethoscope in there, and he's got it up to the wall listening to us in the next room. I did NOT also mutter "you've gotta be kidding me".

I did NOT squeal like a baby when the dentist took off my temporary crown last Tuesday, and placed a cold-cement-filled porcelain crown on top of my VERY sensitive filed-down molar. It did NOT take every morsel of courage I had to remain seated. I may or may not have also cried.

I did NOT actually look forward to my annual exam (you know, THAT annual exam) simply because it was an excuse to visit with my midwife. Whom I love. And not JUST because she delivered my son. I did NOT also arrive at said appointment with a brag-book of photos to show her.

Not me. I didn't do any of those things.

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