Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Frustrating Week

I wish I had some big news to report but honestly things are just moving along as usual for us Hnebraska Hnoskos. In hindsight I guess I've been a bit more on edge lately (oh gee, why could that be?) on account of slowly becoming more and more uncomfortable. We've also had an onslaught of unexpected expenses in the past WEEK that have really made us angry, but those things aside, life hasn't changed much.

So, what's baby up to now? well at well over a pound, Levi is quite active (as he has been for a while now) and his weight, along with all the water he brings with him, is becoming quite a challenge to cope with. Sleeping, specifically, has been a challenge lately - or should I say sleeping comfortably. Eating is a bit troublesome too as I feel I don't have nearly as much room anymore.

If I could give one piece of advice to the not-yet-mothers (or the past mothers for that matter) among you I would suggest you refrain from commenting on the size and shape of your pregnant friends. While it may appear as though this is the ONE time when it is appropriate to say "Wow, you sure have grown!" rest assured, it won't always be received well. I didn't expect to become so sensitive but as a few well-meaning souls have asked "how many are in there" I have begun to resent such a change in size, and have therefore begun unnecessarily scrutinizing myself. No good. So, please well meaning people, lay off.

I contemplated posting a new photo of my ever-growing bump, but after looking at the pictures I currently have on my camera, I've decided none of them are very flattering. I'll have Jonathan try again tonight to catch some better ones but, all in all, I'm frustrated with how my other-than-belly is collecting water and such. All normal pregnancy symptoms for my second trimester body (nearing the end of that trimester to boot), and yet a bit disconcerting for someone like me. Bear with me, I'll get some good shots before this is all over with, some good shots I feel good about.

As for all of you asking whether or not we've got everything ready for baby, the answer is, quite frankly, no. We bought a rocking chair, we were given a nice crib by a family here who was finished with theirs, we found a dresser on Craig's list and that's about it. My sister gave me some baby clothes from her son and I think we'll have to wait until after our shower in Seattle to see what else we need to buy.

Speaking of buy... I find myself COMPLETELY overwhelmed with the amount of money that babies cost before they're even born. Clothes, diapers, car seats, strollers... none of it is cheap. We'll need to learn to be more frugal than we already are if we are to keep up in this economy, that's for certain. This might be compounded in my mind based on the car repair we need to have done today ($500) or the pre-baby medical bills that seem to pile up. Either way, I'm convinced no one ever feels like they have enough money, even when they have more than enough, so I should probably quit whining and strategize a way for us to fit this all into our budget. It's just such a big stressor.

Please keep in prayer this week my sister, who lost her husband to a mountain climbing accident just a couple of weeks ago in Argentina. She and her son are devastated, as would be expected. Please also remember my grandmother who is currently recovering from the un-scheduled triple bypass surgery she had yesterday.

I could continue to vent about all the little things that have been building up on my nerves lately but what am I doing complaining? here I am, a healthy mother to be, living in a great country with freedom. I have it better than so many I know (those in persecution, those who can't have their own children, those whose financial situation is more than perilous...) and I really should just be praising God for his goodness towards us. Just needed to get a few things off my chest I guess.

- Melissa

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