Friday, February 6, 2009

After sleep, and a good cup of coffee

Isn't it funny how even a decent night's rest and a cup of coffee can brighten the darndest of weeks? I sure think so. After receiving these two such gifts Jonathan took some good bump pictures of me and I've posted them below for your enjoyment.

Sad to say, the navel ring is now gone as is my toe ring (which I think disappointed me more). My midwife warned me that my feet may begin to swell soon and I may not be able to get it off if I don't act quickly. Below is the progression from week 14 to week 24. I know weeks 20 and 24+ don't look like a huge change but I'm convinced that's just the angle of the camera. Levi has grown, I've grown, and it's possible I've grown more "up" than "out" over the past 4+ weeks. Breathing and eating has become quite a bit harder so I imagine there's less room overall in there.
Oh, and yet another interesting factoid: my stomach muscles have recently begun to split. Did you know they were supposed to do that during pregnancy? I sure didn't, and believe me it's more than a little disconcerting. It feels like I did a bunch of sit-ups - only I didn't. Apparently this is yet another way the body makes room for baby AND more space for stomach, intestines, etc... I don't know where those things are right now, but sometimes I swear I hear my stomach growling in my arm-pit.
Hope you've enjoyed the photo update, before long there will be a a little one to post newborn photos of too and won't that be fun?! less than 16 weeks now, I can hardly wait!

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