Monday, February 16, 2009

In love - still

I remember right before Jonathan and I got married there were a bunch of people who said things like "you know, the first year really is the hardest" and still others who would advise us "the first year is your honeymoon, after that marriage gets difficult". I'd have to say, none of those comments have seemed to apply to us.

I'm sure that some around us must think we're frustratingly mushy. I'm sure some must think "Hey, Get a room!" as we smooch in the hallway in passing at work. It's also possible that people wonder if our affection for one another is manufactured for public effect, pretended in public and abandoned once we're alone. I have a serious confession to make: we are hopelessly in love, and we still act like "newlyweds" despite our 3 years of marriage. Oh, and no, I'm not embarrassed by the hallway smirkers.

So why does this come up now? well, I'm sure my dear husband's thoughtful valentines day actions may have jogged my memory, but in reality my thoughts are more a response to a movie he any I watched just recently. have you seen the movie Fireproof? If not, you should rent it, it's well worth the watching (despite some particularly corny moments) and even more well worth it is the book it inspired, titled "Love Dare". Click, check it out, give me your thoughts.

This book, along with the ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS floral arrangement pictured below were my husband's thoughtful gifts to me for valentines day. To anyone who ever wondered, yes, I got a GREAT catch!

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