Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Update

I'm sure I'm not the first to say that the world of pregnancy changes 10-fold when you can finally feel that little baby moving around. Over the past 7 weeks (yes, that's right, since week 16) I've gone from a basketcase of worries to a much more well-balanced pregnant momma all thanks to those movements. You see, after I was done being sick, and up until I could feel him moving around there were days I wondered if everything truely was alright in there. Alas, not any longer. We have a very active (and according to the ultrasound tech, "long legged") little boy on our hands who confirms to me each day that he's doing just fine.
Jonathan and I had a wonderful day off for MLK day and spent it up in Omaha registering at Babies-R-Us. If you've ever created a wedding registry, you know what a long process this can be... multiply that by like 10. How in the world do I know what this baby is going to need? They give you a checklist but half of the things on there I'm almost certain are not necesseties but rather expensive things the store would like you to think you need. So, we made it out in under 4 hours and you can peruse our wishlist at your leisure here if you'd like.
We also registered at Wal-mart, a store whose prices don't make me choke nearly as frequently as those found at Babies-R-Us. It may surprise many of you that I would choose to register at Wal-Mart (a store with whom I have become quite distraught based on ethics... I could go on, but I digress) but unfortunately Target's regurn policy has become so stringent that I can't bring myself to register there and risk the inevitable "you can't exchange this, you don't have a receipt". While the walmart registry is rather slim due to their small in-store baby department, the prices are more affordable and their return policy is friendlier. You can check out that registry here
In response to the many of you who have asked me why Jonathan and I have chosen to use a midwife instead of a doctor, I am on the hunt for a good pre-written description of just what a midwife is. I could explain on my own, but I lack the ability to express fact in light of my own leaning opinion. I'll keep you posted on what I find.

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