Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's A...


Coming in at just under a pound, Levi Michael Hnosko is growing very quickly! We were both just extatic to see his little squirming body on the screen yesterday afternoon. The ultrasound tech said he couldn't have hidden his gender from us even if we'd wanted him to (aparently we don't have a modest child on our hands, as you'll see in the under-side shot below). She went on to measure the ventricles of the heart, the kidneys, bladder, head, brain and stomach. It was such a blessing to watch her write "normal" next to each one of those on her chart. Needless to say, we have a healthy, strong baby boy growing inside me and we CAN'T WAIT to meet him (in about 20 weeks that is... please, no earlier.)

Forgive me for my ignorance regarding blog photo-posting. I'm afraid some of thse might bridge their borders, but you'll applaud me, at least, for putting them up so quickly. Enjoy!

The third one down there might be my favorite, such cute little feet! The last one is definitive proof we have a boy on our hands. It is a shot of him from underneath, legs wide open of course. We'll have to teach him one day that it's rather impolite to pose that way for a photo, but this time around we were rather hoping he would do a little showing off for our beneift.
That's all we have for now about our sweet little Levi. For the time being I'm qutie enjoying pregnancy (now that the pesky first trimester is over, praise the Lord) and we are both excited for what lies ahead. Keep us in your prayers, Levi has a LOT of growing to do... and I think that might mean I do also, but again, I'll keep you posted.
- Melissa


Krista Lynn said...

yay!!!! congrats you guys! =) such a cute name too!!

Lisa Thompson said...

Great pictures! Especially the perfect little feet. I am so excited for you, and I think it is great that you are blogging his progress. I wish I would have done that with Chase, because the memories of pregnancy fade so fast (prob because we are so stinking hormonal at the time). I love the name Levi. There are a couple of meanings for his name, but the one I like the most is "attached". They are all very loyal meanings. Attached, Joined, Combined, All good meanings for a new addition to the family.
Love you guys!