Saturday, July 14, 2012

Save the date

Thursday, July 26th

That is when Cora's exam/potential surgery is scheduled.
Although I know this should probably be the least of my concerns, I think the thing I find most daunting currently is the prospect of not nursing her at all the night before (no food or drink 8 hours prior is the requirement).

Please bathe our little family in prayer, would you? I'm not even sure what to pray right now, but He knows, and I'm quite sure He intercedes for me when my words are totally inadequate. I guess our biggest hope would be that the two surgeons (Dr. P and Dr. S) would be able to get a very clear view of what is going on/has occurred, such that we have a very clear diagnosis and treatment.

Sigh. I'm a wreck.
I just want this all to be over with so I can be on the other side looking back on a completely successful procedure that gave glory to God. Because that is what I want it to be.


Kim said...

ok, so I'm no doctor but I've heard a lot of mothers of young nurslings who have basically said "whatever" to the no-feeding and fed the child. REasonings vary from "it comforts them and helps them stay calm" to "it's breastmilk." It will be over soon!

Anonymous said...

Stick w/ the request for "no food" & if you have doubts of the seriousness, seek the advice of an anesthesiologist who can tell some pretty scary stories of patients choking on vomited food eaten too recently to undergoing general anesthetic.

Anonymous said...

Our family is praying for little Cora and your family! As a mom I totally understand your concerns. Both of our guys had health scares very early in their infantcy, se we understand the feeling of being completely helpness and relying on God's love and infinite care for your little one. He is there and will absolutely see her through to the other side! We love you guys! Praying now!