Saturday, July 21, 2012

Add it to the list

... The list of reasons I'm so glad Cora breastfed.

 Let me explain. This afternoon I received what was possibly the most welcomed phone call with possibly the most relieving information I can remember in recent history. It was dr. So. As in, he called me. A pediatric ophthalmologist called me directly. Not the nurse, but the actual specialist. I was floored.

 Anyway, the short version is (because I'm typing this on my phone) cora cleared all her blood draw labs. AND:she can be breastfed all the way up to 4 hours before being anesthetized. After the scheduling nurse told me she needed to be npo for 8 hours, I did some research. Turns out, breastmilk is a category unto its own. Because it is so quickly digested, the surgical anesthesiologist deems it safe within four hours of go time. Nothing else is approved, just breastmilk.


 I know this probably didn't sound like a really big deal (not nursing for 8 hours) but to me, it was huge. The prospect of listing to my baby cry all night long The night before such a procedure was daunting. Now, had the Dr maintained it was necessary. Of course I would have followed his instructions, but I am so grateful it isn't necessary. So, so, grateful.


Hilary said...

Yay!!! That's wonderful news! We'll be praying for everything...

Kim said...

woo hoo! Ok, so I wasn't crazy then!

Tiffany said...

Okay, so I just read your entire blog about Cora finally! I'm so sorry to hear you're having to go through all of this. Just rest in the Lord for He is the Great physician who is capable of ANYTHING. When we went through Landon's journey I had some of the same fears. Will he read, ride a bike, drive a car etc? I just had to rest my son in HIS arms and truly trust that God knows his future.

If she does indeed need glasses I have a great recommendation for brand.

We also have been patching for most of Landon's life, so I have info on some great patch websites.

I'll be praying for her procedure this week. That everything turns out to be the best case scenarios and that she recovers well from the anesthesia.

Contact me at any time if you'd like to chat or even cry if it's needed.


Lisa Lavene said...

Agreed; this would be a huge deal. I am so relieved for you, Cora, and the rest of your family. It must feel so good to know that you will be able to nurse and comfort her as you always do. I will be praying for her!