Sunday, July 24, 2011

Furniture Hokey Pokey 2011

When we moved into this house everything we owned fit (easily) into a medium sized u-haul. Come to think of it, when we moved to the state of Nebraska, everything we owned fit into a small u-haul. How times change when you buy a house and have a baby. Sitting in Levi's room the other day I realized that there was only ONE thing in that entire room that we owned before moving to Nebraska and it was the crappy old dresser we curb-picked back in pullman, and shared for our first three years of marriage (yes mom, I still have it, I don't have the heart to toss it out).

Fast forward to 2011 and yes, we have a LOT more stuff - especially furniture - all of which has been found used or gifted to us. So when we set out to move Levi to his twin bed (the pieces of which were all sourced from different craigslist folks over the past 6 months) it meant moving his crib and changing table out to make room. Of course to do that, we had to have space in the new baby's room across the hall which was filled with a guest bed and various other guest-room items. Hmm... Thus began the great furniture hokey pokey of 2011.

We began in the basement office. Rearranging the space was some help, moving my sewing table to the utility/laundry room provided the remainder of the space necessary to move the majority of the guest room downstairs. With the guest room reasonably empty we then had room for the changing table and crib, and (whew) you can guess what we did next...

That's right, we finally fulfilled our ultimate goal of setting up Levi's new twin bed, complete with "Thomas" sheet and pillowcase. The boy couldn't have been more excited.

After a completely anti-climactic first night and nap in said bed, he has been walking around proudly all day proclaiming "I sleep in a bed" to anyone who will listen. It's priceless.

So in the past 90 days my son has weaned, potty trained, and upgraded to a twin bed. and I'm quite sure that's enough change for ME, for now anyway. :)


Kim said...

I was amazed and shared your post with Jeremy. His response was, "Well, he'll just be a really difficult teenager."

By that logic, Samantha will be a nun, I'm sure!

Melissa K. said...

Kim, by that logic, you are SO RIGHT ON. I have no idea what brought on Levi's recent capability to take change with ease (ahem, grace of God, ahem) but I'll take it!
On another note, I think I may have mislead you into believing he wears pants at home now - indeed he is still a naked little boy when we're at home. While he will take himself to the potty whenever necessary, pulling down the pants has yet to be mastered (or even discovered for that matter). We're still headed in the right direction though, and I'm happy enough for that!

fresitamariana said...

That is an entirely impressive list of accomplishments. Way to go!