Thursday, July 7, 2011

for those of you who've been there

I have some potty training questions. First, here's where we're at:

When we're at home Levi goes bottomless. He decides when he needs to go potty. He sits down, and does his business. When he's done, he gets up. It's simple really.

When we're out I take him to the potty ever hour. He usually goes. If we happen to be between errands, I take his potty seat in the car and let him empty his bladder in the back of our subaru somewhere in the parking lot. He likes this set up, I don't mind it.


I'd rather not drag the potty chair around. Added to that is the fact that I'd like him to be comfortable going potty on a regular toilet - currently, he is not happy to do so, even when there's a toddler seat on said toilet. He will, however, hold it until he can make it to a more "Levi approved" potty chair. The rub in all this is that I'm volunteering at VBS in a couple weeks, and Levi will be taken to the potty by someone other than his mom or dad, to sit on a real toilet with a toddler seat.

My concern is 2-fold. First, since we've only been doing this two weeks, he's used to being bottomless and having his potty at his immediate disposal right smack dab in the middle of the living room. Not so at VBS. Second, when we do have to use a potty elsewhere, he's used to mom and dad taking him. He simply would not produce anything for the loving nursery worker who tried to take him last Sunday (but peed a river 5 minutes later in his potty in the back of our car once church was over). Hmm...


Oh, and the whole pants thing... how do I teach him to pull his pants down? That's a toughie.


Learning to Parent said...

I am not an expert, at all, as you know! In my very limited experience - When I was not 100% confident that C was potty trained (like for the first 2-3 weeks we were working on it), I kept him in a diaper outside of home. I asked him NOT to go potty in it, and I still took it off regularly and had him "try" to go wherever we were. But if he had an accident, no biggie, since it was in the diaper.

Did you know that in the 2 year old room at church they actually have tiny kid-sized toilets? Most kids just sit right on the potty, because they are small enough that their feet can touch the ground and they are comfortable without the potty chair on top (though there is one available, I have never had a kid use it). If Levi will be in that room, he might be more comfortable with the "real" potty than you think!

As for pulling down and up the pants - I'd just have him practice it! Maybe sometime (when he doesn't have to potty!) ask him if he can take his shorts off and get them back on. Sometimes I will help Y by unbuttoning them and unzipping them if they are kind of tight or don't stretch very well, but most of the time he can just pull them right down. Getting them back up is a little bit harder but he is getting better at it. :)

Good luck! :)

awana4mom said...

Oh yes, the potty training days. While they were more than a decade ago for the boy in our house, I do remember a couple of things.

1-I tried not to "shoot myself in the foot" with special things. We needed to be able to go, on whatever potty was available. So we trained like that.

2-We found that putting them on the potty, facing backwards, produced the correct angle, and offered more "clean spaces" on which to hold.

3-After dropping the drawers, we took one leg out (leaving the other in), so we could swing him over the potty backwards. This usually included taking off one shoe, but that was usually alright.

4-As for getting the britches up and down, we found that pulling them DOWN over the buns first worked best. Then UP with one hand in front and the other in back seemed to produce the desired effect, without catching any tender appendages.

Hope this helps!

PS - whatever you do, he'll be potty trained and doing the job all by himself by the time he goes to kindergarten :-)