Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let me sing

I've loved singing since I was a child.
I'm not sure I've ever been very good at it, but I thoroughly enjoy making music.

These are the lyrics to the chorus of a song that a friend introduced me to in college. Later, I sang it in front of our church in Pullman, WA. They're powerful lyrics to me, and maybe that's due in part to the point I was at in my life when they made their impression, but the song still resonates with me - it's words bring me back to some of my most formative college years.

So let me sing for the love Let me love for the lost Let me lose all I have For what I found on the cross Let me trust you with my life Let me live to give you praise Lord, let me praise you For the grace by which I'm saved Lord, let me sing
"Let me sing" from album "Clear to Venus" by Andrew Peterson 2003

Do songs ever do that to you? Take you back to different points in your life, different challenges and struggles? Music memories, to me, are similar to how a taste can remind me of a very specific Thanksgiving dinner, or how a particular smell can take me back to the birth of my son.

Powerful, those memories. Powerful.


AngMomof3 said...

I LOVE the power that music has on our brains. Amazing.

And you ARE a good singer. Just a few days ago I had a conversation w/ someone who remembered you singing a solo of a song (not sure if it's the one you just posted) that impacted them greatly. Your gift is a blessing! Have you been able to sing at your church there?

Rae said...