Friday, July 10, 2009


The answer is yes.
In case no one ever told you (or you haven't experienced it yourself), new parenthood is HARD.
It's difficult on every level, but the hardest part, by far, is mommy guilt.
This self imposed, unnecessary guilt is horrible and consuming.
After a good meeting with my doctor I am making steps to launch myself out of this fog and toward beginning to enjoy this time of infancy. Please keep our little family in your prayers.
- Melssa


Anonymous said...

You are the apple of my eye so my comments are biased. You are an amazing person but you will still experience the normal ups and downs of life. Yes, parenting is very hard and it seems bizarre that such a joyous time can also be so frustrating. You already know in your heart that God will see you through this and that family and friends are likely His greatest instruments to help you. Lean on them. Call out to them. Don't let anything keep you from letting us give you the help you so greatly need. We love you! We pray for you unceasingly!

Erin McPhee said...

I love you so much! Are things starting to get any better? You're getting ever closer to that "three month" mark ... I promise things will get better after that :) Of course there will always be hard stuff, but the "hell" part as my mom says will have passed for the most part. I pray that, more often than not, you will find yourself enjoying your beautiful, wonderful son rather than being frustrated by this stage. I'm thinking of a particular country song - "It Won't Be Like This For Long," by Darius Rucker. It makes me cry every time!

Erin McPhee said...

And P.S., I agree with "Anonymous" :)

Krista said...

just wondering how you & Levi are holding up! he sure looks like he's getting big - i've seen pictures on facebook! such a cutie! hope you all are doing well!

Krista said...

it's been a while... any new updates/pictures?